Guiding children

raising children with love and respect

Good morning parents!

To guide children through life, or at least the first part of their journey, is an important task. Perhaps the most important of all tasks.

Guiding, I feel, is a respectful approach to leadership, that applies to children, to parenting and teaching. It’s about taking the tiny hand careful in yours. It’s trying to see the world through your childrens point of wiew and help them from there. You walk the line, together. It’s about dialogue, co-operation, as well as role-modelling and education.

I intend to present the guidelines to and philosophy behind the approach, but also hands-on tips on different subjects. An easy-to-do manual would be nice, but life just isn’t that easy. Still, the guidelines are supposed to narrow it all down to a few basic points.

I want the site to act as an inspiration. A friendly support for parents who want to have an inspirational, loving, supportive realtionship with their kids. However, this is not rockscience. I do not wish to start a religious sect. Listen to your heart and your kids, and please use a flexible interpretation of the words. Love goes beyond any method.

Possibly the guiding approach, when used, will prevent a lot of future problems by helping you build this loving, respectful and cooperative relationship with your child – but there will always be bumps in the road. You are individuals, after all, and getting on in everyday life is hard. This is ok. No one can stay happy all the time.

If you already do have serious problems in your relationship with your child I strongly recommend that you seek personal, professional advice. That’s where general guidelines doesn’t reach all the way (even though they may still be of assistance). Sometimes there are neurological explanations, sometimes a negative behaviour need a lot of special treatment to be replaced by a more social acceptable one, sometimes perhaps the parent have more unsolved problems than the child and needs help to deal with this to be able to move on.

I’m glad you found this site, however, there is a lot more work to be done here. Please stay with me, there is more to come – the pages will hold most of the information, while the posts will hold my thoughts and comments on related news or just shared experiences, examples and ideas.


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