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Proud mother bragging

I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself: I need to brag! My 7 year old son just came back from a party, oh, disco party actually. Before he went, he wanted proper equipment. The gift he wrapped himself. He wrote the card. Of course he chose to wear a shirt and tie, but also a …

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Winter, in short, from a mother’s perspective

I’m back. It’s wintertime. Last month I cared for my children, sick in the flu. Trying to make it up to them, what they missed out on in school preparations for Christmas. I cooked and baked, gingerbread and all. I read stories and decorated. I ran around the Christmas tree spreading glitter all over the …

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The power of thought

Most of us feel disappointed at times. We fail to achieve some of our goals, maybe even all of them. Maybe we’ve set up  too high a standard, or believe we can force change too quickly. Maybe the hard work required feels a bit too hard. Problem is: We loose self confidence by feelings of failure, …

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