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Trying to keep sanity through tantrums

My son doesn’t exactly love to wash his hair. It’s been no big deal and we’ve washed it anyway, as carefully as possible and using different techniques that we’ve agreed upon. He’s been okay with it – until he was 3,5 and decided washing his hair would mean certain death. It started out as an …

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Responsibility and guilt

The feeling of responsibility is a tough one to deal with, even as adults. Our generation fights with all it’s might against every kind of  responsibility. We want to stay young, careless, daring and fun – i.e. being freed from the responsibilities of tomorrow. But that would be the days of our children growing up. …

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Children watching TV

TV can be stressful.  Young toddlers shouldn’t watch TV at all, actually. It’s incomprehensible to them, the whole concept. What is here and now, is the only real thing to them, so TV becomes very real to them. The same goes naturally for computer games. Remember, babies and young toddlers can hardly grasp the concept of time, nor do …

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